you know, why the hell do i even have an input, no one wants to hear anything from a guy like me… No one attempts to be my friend, people rarely ever talk to me on facebook… Why am i so nice and generous to all these assholes that I know don’t give a damn about me… You know what… I don’t give a damn about any of you, I couldn’t careless actually. Just letting all of you know, and I’m not talkin about my family either… The other day, i heard a man screaming for help, I was told to do nothing, now there’s another person dead… I was told to do nothing so i did nothing, and honestly i didn’t care… I can still hear the man in my head screaming but all i do is push it behind all my other problems and hide it… Simple as that but eventually one of these days all of that stuff that i have been hiding and putting away will burst… I don’t know how long till then.


You know, i feel like if i died… then people would care. I doubt anyone even reads the shit i put on my tumblr anyway

How I Feel

Sometimes i feel like shooting myself…

Other times i feel like shooting you…